My mission as a teaching-artist is to ignite students as change-makers through engaging their minds in new and creative directions through exploration, imagination, creation, and reflection.

Art always has been and continues to be a powerful way to better understand ourselves, build community, deepen our understandings of social issues, and empower youth to make change.

Open Canvas - Eco Mural

The goal of this 7-week project was to support youth participation in the arts, build leadership skills through art, explore social issues, community, environment, history, and the Seattle landscape. A group of 8 youth from Seattle's New Holly neighborhood where selected and employed to create a murals in collaboration with local businesses. Youth researched murals in and around Seattle and created their own original designs. To prepare the students for future employment, the youth were responsible for coordinating meetings with local stakeholders, submitting their hours, and exhibiting their work once completed.


Georgetown Water EcoArt Project

For 8 weeks I collaborated with fellow teaching-artist Hosanna Tecle to introduce a group of 80 5th graders as Maple Elementary in Seattle to the Duwamish River watershed and the power of art to learn about and bring attention to social issues. The fifth graders worked in teams to create artwork reflecting the value that water has for them and their families. The images of their artwork were then incorporated printed on banners now hang on the construction fencing at the new Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station. The new Georgetown station will contribute to the cleanup of the highly polluted super-fund site in the Duwamish River and support the continued efforts of the Duwamish Tribe to repair the damage to this historic river.