Ellyn Rivers
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About the Artist

Ellyn is a queer artist and educator from Elgin, TX. She offers unique and engaging workshops to both adults and youth. She believes that everyone is an artist and that art is a powerful tool to open our hearts to more connection and beauty in this life.

Though she has worked in many different mediums, paper marbling has captured her heart with its healing nature and for the joy it brings people when they make a piece for the first time. Marbling is always a lesson in letting go. It teaches us to exist in the moment and to see art as play and exploration rather than a quest for perfection.

She teaches specialized art classes in public and private schools, summer camps, and non-profit organizations and offers private classes to adults.

She is the founder and creator of Blue Child, a jewelry company that creates one-of-a-kind marbled paper earrings, journals, and other paper products. When she isn’t making jewelry or teaching workshops, she teaches swim lessons in her hometown.


About the Workshop

In my trademark Paper Marbling & Bookbinding Workshop, you will learn how to create your own unique marbled papers and then transform one into your own mini sketchbook or journal! You will learn some marbling techniques used by the masters, have fun experimenting on your own, and learn some basic forms of book binding in order to create our journals. All the materials will be included, and you’ll leave with a handmade journal, and a list of materials you would need to continue marbling at home.

The workshop is typically 2 1/2 hours.

Check my calendar for upcoming workshops around the Austin and Elgin area.

Would you like a custom workshop for your team, wellness retreat, class, birthday party, or girl scout group? Email me at riversellyn@gmail.com to get more information!

Ellyn’s workshop are invigorating to say the least. I left with my child heart close at hand and with a re-kindled need to create!
It was a very laid back atmosphere and the pressure to create a perfect piece soon dissipated. The beauty in this art is that every creation is unique - marbled piece artwork cannot be replicated. It’s a once in a lifetime creation! It was well worth the money spent and I can’t wait to sign-up for another one of her classes!
— Sonia